“Join us for Rainbow Over Richmond: 30 events in 60 days, an eclectic and engaging series of events from late August through October, exploring and celebrating LGBT and LGBT-friendly culture and community.”

But why does everything cost so much money?

…Social tolerance because of commercial viability is inherently exclusive and classist. Acceptance of alternate sexualities and gender identities can not be made a commodity!

Fight against assimilation and the particular brand of socially acceptable gayness hopping aboard the same power structure that used to (and still does) bash it!

Hold your LGBTQI causes accountable to keep challenging the racism, sexism, transphobia, and homophobia inherent in that power structure and which they need to work in solidarity against!

Fight the marginalization of transgendered people and queers by the homosexual elite!

We’re all a part of this movement, right? So all our views, economic positions, identities, body types, and appearances should be represented!

Come to Pridefest, one of ROR’s only free, public, outdoor events in the city. Whether you wanna show up and educate people, talk trash, or just straight up support and enjoy Pridefest, get your unassimilated body out there and be visible!!!

Rainbow Over Richmond: http://www.visitrichmondva.com/Landing-Pages/Rainbow-Over-Richmond

Pridefest: http://www.vapride.org/2010/08/27/pridefest-2010-featured-performers/


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