As a collective working towards a free, community based anarchist society, we are constantly seeking to expand our projects and WE NEED YOUR HELP.  Fostering resistance to capitalism and the state can not, and should not, be the effort of a vanguard or elite “in” group.  Creating the better world we are seeking will require us ALL to be brave, fierce, and organized in the face of the behemoth we are facing, and to use our talents and abilities in ways that allow those around us to reclaim the power and liberty that have been stolen from us from the day we were born.

That said, we are seeking solidarity from everyone with a social conscience, who believe that the way our society is currently structured is unjust, inhumane, and unsustainable.  This solidarity can be demonstrated in many ways, from organizing your own community and fostering a culture of resistance with the people on your block, in your neighborhood, and in your city, to providing direct assistance and support to already existing projects.

Here at the Wingnut, we would LOVE to see a decentralized, visible, and effective network of anarchist social centers and projects spring up in neighborhoods all over the city, and if you’re serious, committed, and have a great deal of energy to burn, we HIGHLY encourage you to organize where you are.    If you’re at a point right now where throwing your entire life into your neighborhood isn’t currently a possibility (it’s ok – most people aren’t), here’s a list of some skills and resources that would be INVALUABLE to the things that the Wingnut is currently doing or is planning on doing, and a list of some of our current and proposed future projects.

Current Projects That The Wingnut Anarchist Collective is Involved In

Richmond Food Not Bombs – Cooks at 12:30 every Sunday at the Wingnut, shares food in Monroe Park at 4.  Organizational Meetings are at 1pm on the first Sunday of every month

Richmond Anarchist Black Cross – Still trying to get off the ground.  Has occasional meetings and letter writing events at the Wingnut.

Richmond Copwatch Network – Has monthly organizational meetings on the fourth Monday of each month at 7pm at the Wingnut

Craft Night – every other Wednesday at 7pm

Richmond Really Really Free Market – Last Saturday of every month in Monroe Park at the corner of Laurel and Main from 12-3.  The Wingnut has some (LIMITED!)  storage space for folks who have things to share but who know they won’t be able to make it on the day of the RRFM.

Proposed Future Projects

Bike Co-op

Community Gardens

Medical Clinic

Cafe/Infoshop/Social Center

Functional Non-profit organization for facilitating community autonomy

How you can help:

Donating time- come to events, be participatory, help maintain projects that already exist or help start new ones.

Particular skill sets that would be REALLY useful to us include

People with medical experience (doctors, naturopaths, doulas, acupuncturists, etc) particularly in the areas of dental, child, elder, and prenatal care.

Lawyers  (civil, criminal defense, and property)

Construction  (especially plumbers)

Farmers/Gardeners  (either those willing to help set up community gardens and urban farms, or those with surplus that they would like to donate)

Bike and Automotive mechanics

Donate resources –

Lumber, piping, tools, bikes/bike parts, seeds, finished compost, restaurant equipment, printer paper, books, board games, childrens’ toys, basically anything that could concievably be useful to someone, we can use and would appreciate.

Of particular interest would be if you have the ability to provide free web hosting for any or all of the projects listed above.

Donate money  – Got a settlement from that asshole yuppie who hit you while you were riding your bike and now have more money than you know what to do with?  Can’t spend your trust fund fast enough?  Robbed a bank? (just kidding!)  Unfortunately we live in a society where money isn’t optional for a lot of things.  If you’d like to throw your cash at us, you can either do so in person, through the mail, or via our handy little paypal button.  If you’d like your donation to be for a specific project we’re involved in, let us know and we’ll make sure it gets there.

And finally, and possibly most importantly,  IF YOU SEE SOMETHING THAT NEEDS DONE, START DOING IT.  We’ll probably help you out.

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