Open Letter To the Officers of the 4th Precinct and Southern Barton Heights

Posted: July 14, 2010 in Copwatch, Southern Barton Heights
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Just so you’re aware, your presence in and around our community, especially outside of our home on a daily basis, has not gone unnoticed. I suppose some sort of thanks should be in order for the increased harassment that has come to our doorstep… it lets us know that Southern Barton Heights Copwatch is bringing in positive results. Besides, the more time that you spend sitting in front of our house, shining lights in our windows, and blasting us with your sirens, is less time that you’re spending doing the same to other members of our community. Whether or not your continued contact with us has to do with us being more proactive in our watching and recording of your officers, or is simply due to our increased visibility in the community, or even if it is because you have absolutely nothing better to be doing than (ineffectively) flexing your authoritative power at people who have done nothing against the law… we’ll go ahead and give you an update.

We will not be intimidated.
We will continue to be vigilant and relentless with our taping of officers in this and other neighborhoods.
We are not going anywhere.

So, if you wish, keep up the surveillance, the condescending smiles, waves, and comments,and the surly attitudes in response to citizens who know their rights when it comes to dealing with the police. Keep reading the blog, since it’s becoming apparent that you have been researching our collective… perhaps you’ll learn something of how a community can and should be run, namely, without you in it. All of your tactics, obvious as they may be, lead us to make a request of you.

Stop speeding in our neighborhood.

Since many of you probably don’t live in this community, perhaps you haven’t noticed that there are many kids who do actually live or spend most of their time here. This week, on two separate occasions, we have recorded police cars (3 the first night, circling the block 4 times; 2 the second night, circling the block twice)speeding down Barton Ave, without their sirens or blue lights on, and with no discernible purpose other than to honk at our house. For those of us in the Southern Barton Heights community, this is absolutely unacceptable. There is no excuse for anyone, especially your officers, to be flying down any neighborhood street in this city, particularly ones on which a high concentration of young children live. Trust us, if any member of our community gets hit by one of your officers while they are blatantly trying to intimidate residents, we WILL catch it on video, and we WILL make sure that as many people as possible know exactly what happened, and who was involved. This may not be your community, and you may not care what happens within said community, but we, and many others, do. So stop with the scare tactics; they come off as juvenile, wholly ineffective, and ultimately dangerous to the well being of our neighbors and friends. From my understanding, your job, what people pay you to do, is to protect the residents of your precinct… we suggest you give it a try sometime. Otherwise, we don’t want you here.

We hope you take our request into account.

Until then, we’ll be watching you,

-The Wingnut

  1. The Red Son says:

    To your knowledge is it only city police involved in the surveillance and harassment of the Wing Nut?

  2. Daveigh says:

    The Richmond PD are the only openly visible source of surveillance and harassment. That doesn’t mean they’re the only source, just the most ham-handed.