This Saturday, May 22, from 8-12 there will be a Really Really Free Market at the Wingnut in Southern Barton Heights. The Wingnut is at 2005 Barton Avenue.

The Really Really Free Market is like a yard sale- but where everything is free. You can bring things to donate if you have things you no longer want. And anyone can come get some stuff for free too!

Items that you might find include: shoes, clothes, blankets, food, books, movies, hats, furniture, appliances, etc. Please come out and see what a Really Really Free Market can be like.

The Wingnuts also help organize the monthly Really Really Free Market that has been happening in Richmond’s Monroe Park for over 2 years now. That event is on the last saturday of every month from 12-5, at the corner of Main and Laurel.

While the things that come through the RRFMs are interesting and can make for great stories, it is important to remember that the Really Really Free Market is about a whole lot more than stuff. Sure, one of the most tangible results every month is the exchange of clothes, books, shoes, CDs, movies, food, appliances and more. But those are not the only important results. The model of the Really Really Free Market is such that the more significant outcomes are not nearly as tangible.

We often say that the Really Really Free Market is about community. And it is. It is a community event. But it is also an anarchist event. The Really Really Free Market model views community as an alternative to the capitalist market. The Really Really Free Market is actively providing alternatives to the capitalist market. Instead of everyone having to struggle and scrounge to get the money necessary to buy things in the capitalist (so-called) free market, the Really Really Free Market gives us a place to share our resources and help each other out.

The capitalist system supports, sustains, and thrives on hierarchy. Hierarchy gets in the way of community. A hierarchical structure says that some people or groups of people are more important than others, and that some people are less accountable than others. To build a more socially just community, power and accountability have to be shared. The Really Really Free Market is not about hierarchy, but rather about searching for ways to build sustainable communities free of domination and oppression.

The Really Really Free Market can be a good venue in which to meet people, talk about capitalism, discuss how capitalism hurts our communities and environment, figure out other things we can do to resist capitalism in our daily lives. It provides an opportunity to build relationships and create community through mutual aid, collective knowledge, and solidarity.

No one is in charge of the Really Really Free Market. No one runs the Really Really Free Market. This means that anyone can decide to become involved. This can mean anything from making fliers, writing about it, posting up fliers, collecting donations, planning to play music, bringing things to share, making pinatas, cooking food, facilitating workshops, etc. And probably other ideas we haven’t come up with.

The Really Really Free Market- not just a place to get free stuff.

  1. AbcAnarchy says:

    Good on you, sounds like a great idea. Just think, if everyone did this, we would really have a free market! I think with the “economic downturn” ideas like this will really help the community. in my view its only a matter of time before more people realise we cant continue living in a capitalist society, it will continue to exploit the worlds natural recourses until we run out. The downturn was the first sign that capitalism is failing, now with the events in Thailand and Greece, its only a matter of time until this stuff spreads to bigger, more “influential” countries.
    Peace from AbcAnarchy.