Posted: April 7, 2010 in Uncategorized
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This week the Wingnut finally turned our bathroom sinks into greywater systems!

Its super easy, who knows why we took so long to do it. Jeremy and Eric just took some Vice grips and unattached the U piece of pipe under the bathroom sinks and put a 5 gallon bucket under it.

So now, when you are at the Wingnut and need to flush, just grab the bucket of water and pour some into the toilet bowl, and magick! it flushes.

This means we all need to be more conscious of how much water we use in the sinks so we don’t overflow the buckets. Yay for saving money and not wasting so much water!!!

  1. Jeb says:

    Potential problem: The U shaped pipe under the sink traps a bit of water between the sink and the pipe leading to the sewer which keeps the gases and smell from the sewer coming up into the house. Remove that and you get greywater in the bucket, but you also get sewer gases and smells in the bathroom. So try shoving a rag or closing off the drain pipe.

  2. Jeb says:

    Normally that u-shaped pipe traps water at the bottom of the “U”. This keeps the sewer gases and smells from coming up the drain pipe into the house.

    It sounds like you have removed that to allow the sink to drain directly into a catch bucket instead of draining into the sewer. Great for collecting and using grey-water. However, sewer gases & smells could come up the drain pipe into the house. To prevent this you might try blocking the drain pipe leading to the sewer with a rag. Good luck.