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Events this week:

Wednesday at 7, Craft night!!! Bring a craft to work on or share or come for inspiration or to use some of the communal craft supplies we have. Always accepting donations of supplies like yarn, fabric, thread, buttons, paper, glue, GLITTER, SEQUINS, scissors, stickers etc.

Friday at 6, Food Not Bombs Meeting! This meeting is the organizational meeting for Food Not Bombs RIchmond. We will talk about how its been going, what we like, what we don’t like, fundraising ideas, possibly adding a second weekly meal to our program etc. New members and old members welcome

Saturday at 6, Spaghetti Fundraiser for the AETA 4! Come throw down a couple bucks for delicious homemade by Mo Spaghetti sauce and noodles. All money goes to support the AETA 4. Check out previous blog post for more on the issue

Sunday at 12 noon- Food Not Bombs!!!

Yesterday, after Food Not Bombs and after the May Day Meeting, the Wingnut had a meeting of their own.

Our friend Eric, back from travelling was looking for a place to stay in Richmond.

Here at the Wingnut we are not looking for roommates, we are looking for family. (more…)

Wingnut Open House and Cookout

Memoralizing Radical History

Start Time:
Monday, May 31, 2010 at 12:00pm
End Time:
Tuesday, June 1, 2010 at 12:00am
The Wingnut


Celebrate Memorial Day with the WIngnuts!
We will be having an all day hangout party and cookout at the Wingnut!

Can’t afford to go anywhere for memorial day? Not sure why you should celebrate the things the government wants you to memorialize? Try this event for something close to home and more interesting!

Please bring a vegan dish to share with everyone else.

The Southern Barton Heights Civic Association is the association for the area in which the Wingnut is located.

I’ve been trying to go to a meeting, but I emailed them and they weren’t sure when the next meeting was. Sounds like maybe the group is semi-defunct. Though the email does get checked, so thats good. (more…)

This is the letter we delivered to all of our neighbors, since it is too snowy right now to do proper in person introductions

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Hey Yall

We are your new neighbors, at 2005 Barton Avenue aka The Wingnut. We bought the house in July, and have spent the past months getting the house fixed up so it is no longer condemned. Usually we are better about getting to know the neighbors, but between the huge amount of work we have been doing and now the cold, we have not been able to get to know everyone. We hope to remedy this soon, but in the meantime wanted to tell you a little about ourselves and get you some contact information.


Fairy Boy & The Official Suckers and Mogli
Queer Panic FOlk from Halifax, Nova Scotia
Music/Arts – Performance

Sunday, February 28, 2010
2:20pm – 5:20pm
The Wingnut

Hey Yall
Please come out to have a fun time at the Wingnut after Food Not Bombs on Sunday February 28th.

This week, Jeremy and Johnny Ray installed the three ceiling fans we had bought. We put one in the living room, one in the dining room, and one in the kitchen. Which is one step closer to being ready for when it finally gets warm out. We are strongly against the use of air conditioners.

We are also scheming on ways to put bars across the windows, because we need to be able to leave our windows open, but obviously don’t want dogs jumping out or people jumping in!

One idea, was 2x4s running vertically next to the windows with rebar between them. Might could work. Definitely open to suggestions or donations of real window bars or hunks of metal bar sections we can cut to window size- got an old wrought iron railing??

If you are interested in our project, or just want to get rid of some stuff, here are things we could really use. I promise we will be putting them to good use!

Lumber- especially 2x10s and 2x4s


Ceramic PLates (for food not bombs)

Food (more…)

This June we are hopefully going to be tearing down our old back porch, and rebuilding it harder better faster stronger.

The current structure has a lot of rotten and weak wood. It also has lead paint etc. It is in pretty poor condition. So our plan is to tear it down, and rebuild. We want the new structure to be custom and have a lot of features that we will find super useful.

For instance:

We want it to be a little wider. This will make it able to easily accomadate a second stairway on the second floor and still be useful.


This is a list of the guidelines we have come up with for guests at the Wingnut.

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We are a Community Oriented Activist Home

If you are hanging out here or staying here we have a few requests.

  • Ask all residents permission to spend the night, every night

  • No guest is allowed to spend more than 4 consecutive nights

  • All guests should help with food costs (more…)